Bringing back to life an 18 year old Audi A8 D2 part 2 - the expensive part

So after I took my car to mechanic we agreed on the below work to be done.

Pic of all the bits:

1.Gearbox service inc. additional seals as they were leaking.

2. Replacement of Timing belt, water pump, thermostat, aux belt, all tensioners. Make sure your mechanic has the timing belt locking tool as the 2.8 is quite a rare engine now and it takes weeks for it to arrive from overseas. Also, when you are taking the whole front off to do the timing belt its worth at least replacing the timing chain tensioners plastic guides as at this point they are over 20 years of pieces of plastic and if they break the engine will be destroyed.

You will also notice that there is peanut butter coming out of the radiator hose, it later turned out that the oil cooler was leaking oil into coolant. It was later replaced and cooling system was flushed.


3. Full service: engine oil, spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, cabin filters.

4. Replacement of all front and rear differential seals and oil

5. Replacement of all flexible break lines, discs and rotors inc. new fluid.

A 320mm disc! oh yes.

6. Replacement of coolant tank - this was done along with oil cooler replacement.

Final repair for this chapter will be the crank case breather hose. It was plastic but was as brittle as I don't know what (maybe sandstone?) and totally blocked with burnt oil. It was replaced for only £14.95. Without this working positive air pressure will build up in the engine blowing the crank seal etc.

Total? £2668.70. Ouch!

Keep your eye out for part 3.