Bringing back to life an 18 year old Audi A8 D2 part 3

After exactly a year, here's another update.

Following on from the last post, the next thing do was to replace crank case breather hoses. On the 2.8 there are 2 of them, the first one (1) can be replaced easily while for the other (2) one intake manifold has to come off:

Inake off. Pipe number #1 can be seen going across the engine:

While the intake was off, I've noticed there was a lot of dirt around the inlet holes and inside the intake manifold. I cleaned it off the engine and soaked the manifold in brake cleaner for a few days:

48h of brake cleaner and elbow grease cleaned this off
all these seals were replaced too.

This throttle body to intake manifold seal was also replaced. It was very difficult to find but i found 2 in Latvia and few weeks later they were here and replaced.

While the intake was off I've also redone all the vacuum lines:

Next on the never ending list were the xenon range control sensors, I was getting 2 errors on them:

00774 Level Ciontrol System Sensor, Left Rear G76 and right front 00776 G78.

I bought 2 new febi sensors part number 37932, which is the OEM part. Source:

Headlight level sensor 4B0 907 503A - A8 Parts Forum
Headlight level sensor 4B0 907 503A D2 - Lights

I also used another guide from A8parts froum  to make new arms out of ball joints which can be found here:

Headlight range link arms - balljoint version - A8 Parts Forum
Headlight range link arms - balljoint version D2 - Lights

Which resulted in these:

Once these are replaced, the sensors have to be calibrated in VCDS in the xenon range control menu. Both sensors have to read between 1.7 and 3.5V and have exact the same voltage on both when calibrating. I used 2 car jacks to adjust the voltage and then pressed Done, Go back to save.

Thats it for now. In the next part I'll be taking out the interior to repair front seats, dry off the mouldy carpet and do some upgrades!