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Bringing back to life an 18 year old Audi A8 D2 part 3

After taking the car from the mechanic after about 5 weeks, I started working on the remainder of mechanicals, there car was throwing codes for:

*secondary air system

*lambda sensors

*oil in coolant

*coolant temp sensor failing

*coolant hose rubbing on ac wheel

*oil cooler leaking oil into the coolant

*mirrors not folding or adjusting

I also wanted to look at the fuel filter and crank case breather hoses its a common oversight.

On the 2.8 there are 2 breather hoses, the first one (1) can be replaced easily while for the other (2) one intake manifold has to come off:

So, itnake off:

All the dirt vacuumed out and cleaned:

Pan valley gasket resealed while it was all off:

Coolant temp sensor replaced:

Perished intake manifold seal:

Replacement from autodoc:

Crank case breather hoses fell apart in my hands and were completely clogged:

Swollen coolant pipe replaced:

Above pipe was almost rubbing on the compressor wheel:

View from the bottom:

Oil cooler replaced - it leaked oil into the coolant system amd it made my brand new coolant tank look 20 years old again in to time :(

New cooler installed:

Coolant was then filled and bled using the proper vacuum tool for it:

Bank 1 Sensor 1 lambda sensor (Driver side just behind the cylinder head in UK cars) replaced:

Look closely at the thread, it was completley rusted and had to be retapped

Sensor location:

Mounting hole thread rescused with a tap:

Engine Oil leak narrowed down to 2 rubber coated caps leaking oil directly onto the exhaust, below pic for reference:

Old plugs poked out and new ones fitted with dirko silicone (same as factory

Engine back together and running:


Mirrors not adjusting or operating was narrowed down to a bad relay, I have checked the fuse and it was OK. Picture below shows a corroded relay:

New VS old, also found in VW sharan, passat, etc.

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