Bringing back to life an 18 year old Audi A8 D2 part 4

In this part of the recomissioning, I'll focus one some of the interior work that I've done to the car.

The 2 front Recaro seats have leaky lumbar support, once pumped up they won't stay inflated for more than 1 second. I took the seats apart and found that on both of them the control valve had cracked inlet ports:

After doing some quick research online I found that BMW E38 valve block is a direct fit, but also a much better and solid design:

The BMW part number is 8360408.

A few months later, the compressor itself broke as the seal has burst and it wasn't producing pressure anymore so I went looking at BMW equivalents again and found that BMW E60 lumbar support pump is a much much better design. BMW 7039191:

The final bit was to take care of the broken off/missing seat control buttons on passenger side. Usually only the whole control module is available but i was able to find someone in Poland on selling the switches on its own, saving me about £80:

In the next part I'll be taking you through the process of upgrading the audio system in the D2!